Diane Basset


Motivation: I want to educate Baltimore’s
supernatural community.

Face of: Neutral Grounds

Diane Basset is the owner and operator of Neutral Grounds, a coffeehouse and book shop near Johns Hopkins. Raised in the supernatural community by her mother, Basset is a practicing Wiccan and possesses some degree of magical talent. Her clientele at Neutral Grounds have dubbed her a “caffeinomancer,” and some customers are more than a bit serious. They say she adds the right spice and a minor effort of will to give the strong coffee she brews a bit of something extra.

Basset opened Neutral Grounds in 1988 and has been welcoming of anyone from the supernatural community in Washington D.C. She petitioned Queen Mab to grant the coffeehouse Accorded Neutral Ground status, and Mab assented to the request; in thanks, Basset gives female customers a free espresso every Midwinter’s Eve, assuming that one of them might be Queen Mab.

Diane Basset

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